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Welcome to AW Designs, the tile website with a difference. Whether you are looking for bathroom, floor, kitchen, wall or multipurpose tiles, our images are so real you can almost touch them, allowing you to visualize how these tiles will transform
your room.

Our objective is to design your walls with different kinds of images, for example dolphins in your bathroom, flowers in the kitchen, cats hunting butterflies and even pictures of your family on the terrace. Fantasy doesn´t have limits.Once the design is presented and confirmed, our tile specialist will convert your walls in real art work. 

AW Designs is a team formed by a German Designer and an artwork professional from Southeast Asia.






Anke Rafflenbeul 
Graphic designer, graduated at the Berliner Technische Kunstschule, Berlin, 2005. 
Worked as a designer in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona and El Salvador.

- illustration of books and magazines 
- interior and exterior design 
- layout of books and magazines 
- graphic design (logos, flyers, etc.)


Waseem Abbas 
Topographer, graduated at Qureshi Technical College, Gujrat, 1995. 
Worked since 1996 in Austria, Germany, Holland and Denmark. Since 2000 he has been working on different projects 
all over Spain.

- planning of projects
- laying of tiles, ceramics and pavements 
- art projects






AW Designs - Tel.: 0034 / 935 187 999 -
C/ Pérez Galdós, 47 - 08012 Barcelona - España

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