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Our workshop is located in Barcelona's Gracia district, very close to Park Güell, where you can admire the work of Barcelona's famous architect Gaudi, as well as the work of his colleagues and friends Jujol and Berenguer.
We offer a variety of courses to teach you the fascinating art of mosaic. The aim is to get to know and be able to use the most important tools for working the tiles, as well as introducing the course participants to the various mosaic techniques.
We offer you a demonstration on how the tiles are glued and finally plastered, so that at the end of the course, each participant will have created and finished his/her own mosaic.






Introductory course : 8 Hours

Create your own mosaics and learn how to handle the most important tools for mosaic work.
We will acquaint you with various mosaic techniques, and later show you how the tiles are glued and plastered. At the end of the course, each participant will have his/her own small mosaic.





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Gaudí course; 3-4 Hours

This course is aimed primarily at people visiting Barcelona for a short time, but also at people who are interested in the work and life of Gaudi.

In this course we combine information about Gaudi's life and work with an introduction to the fascinating art of mosaic. Depending on your
own interest, the course can also be combined with guided tours of Gaudi's work, such as the Casa Batllo and La Pedrera.







Project Courses (10/20 hours)

Advanced courses for people who want to continue working on their own projects. Condition: Prior participation in the introductory course.

Individual Courses

Are you a group of friends looking for a course designed according to your interests? Contact us and together we will create a course according to your ideas.



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